A Short Report

The Grand Boucan 2001 was truly a memorable event coupled with the celebration of Admiral Bolitho's birthday!
The place: GeorgeTown, Exuma, The Bahamas. Some 50 brothers and sisters flew in and sailed in for the events from many US states and other countries.
The 24th of May: Admiral Bolitho celebrated his birthday with his family at Club Peace and Plenty. They were able to find a cake and candles at the last minute and so the surprise was complete. Peace and Plenty is a remarkable place!
The next day Admiral Bolitho and Toc Toc went to the airport to greet those of the brothers who flew in to Georgetown. Final preparations for the boucan were attended to. About 30 brothers and sisters had dinner at Two Turtles.
Saturday the 26th of May: The Boucan took place on Stocking Island. Officers of BOTC arrived in full regalia (impressive to say the least) for the induction of new brothers and sisters. There was great food and great company including local guests. A beautiful event which turned into the talk of the town, literally. We also said goodbye to Dieter.
Admiral Bolitho was presented with a number of gifts for his birthday and was honoured with medals, trophies, certificates and more. He was quite moved, very pleased and very happy.
A number of brothers and sisters had lunch at " Hamburger Beach ", then boated to the superb beaches of Stocking Island and just relaxed. They had dinner overlooking the marina admiring the sunset.
Monday marked the end of the festivities. Most brothers had to return home...for work.